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Does your home feel drafty? Are your energy bills higher than normal? If so, you may not have an airtight house. When your home has air leaks and sealing gaps, your heating and cooling system is impacted – as well as your wallet. It is important to ensure your HVAC system operates at peak efficiency with airtight construction to keep your energy bills down. Sealing air leaks is a critical component of an energy efficient home. Foster Insulation provides comprehensive air sealing services to residents around Kennesaw, GA who desire lower energy bills and a home free of drafts. House sealing is the first step to an energy efficient home. Air sealing windows and sealing attic air leaks are important steps to take in how to air seal a house before beginning any attic insulation projects. Contact us today for a free estimate and take the first step towards an airtight house and a successful home insulation project.

What is Air Sealing?

During home air sealing our professional insulators seal air leaks around your home. Some sealing gaps are easy to identify such as light boxes, soffit drops, windows, and doors, not to mention various entry points in the attic. Our professional home air sealing team is trained to discover and air seal these penetration points. We use a variety of tools and air sealing techniques to determine areas of air leakage before air sealing your home. This diagnostic process is worth every step. Kennesaw and Ft. Oglethorpe residents who want to seal attic air leaks and insulate their attic are wise to hire Foster Insulation for air sealing and insulation of their home.

What House Sealing Methods Do You Use During the Air Sealing Process?

Foster Insulation utilizes several methods throughout the air sealing house process, depending on the circumstances. No two homes are the same, so our team must adapt to each situation. For instance, some homes primarily lose air at doorways and windows, while others have more extensive issues in the walls or attic. Both scenarios require unique approaches on how to make a room airtight.

We also use a variety of air sealing products depending on the home and type of air leaks. Commonly, air sealing caulk is used for air sealing windows and other small penetration points around windows and doors. It can also be used to seal air leaks in walls, floors, attics and other areas.

Spray foam insulation can be used to insulate and seal attic air leaks in one step. Spray foam insulation will seal air leaks and add R-value. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. Spray foam insulation may be recommended depending on the source of sealing gaps.

The Common Areas of Concern for Air Leaks in House

Your home is full of areas where gaps, cracks, holes, and crevices result in non-airtight construction. These penetration points are challenging to seal on your own and, in some cases, sealing gaps require the experience of a house sealing professional. Foster Insulation offers a way to take control of your energy bills by tackling air leaks in common areas such as:

Attics: By nature, there are numerous holes in your home, many of which lead to the attic. These include fans, lights, and chimneys. Regardless of the level of craftsmanship, air leaks are inevitable. We seal attic air leaks around attic penetration points to contain conditioned air and lower energy bills.

Walls: Older homes, especially those built in the mid-1900s, may contain little or no wall insulation. Air sealing exterior walls and interior walls can be performed during a remodeling project when wall cavities are open before installing fiberglass or spray foam insulation.

Basements and Crawl Spaces: Basements are cool and damp. Investing in air sealing your basement box sills will make your basement and entire home more comfortable. Applying spray foam insulation is often the best solution for the air sealing and insulation of basement box sills in one step. Have a crawl space? Crawl space encapsulation helps prevent air leaks and can reduce moisture issues.

Benefits of Air Sealing

Did you know that 9 out of 10 homes in the U.S. are under insulated and have major air leaks? They are missing out on the benefits of a properly air sealed and insulated home. Benefits such as:

  • Energy savings — Having your home properly air sealed and insulated will prevent cold air from escaping in the summer and warm air from escaping during the winter. Preventing air from leaking out of your home means your HVAC system can take a breather and not work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.
  • Money savings — Less energy lost through gaps in your home means monetary savings for you. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) estimates that homeowners can save an average of 15% on their heating and cooling costs (or an average of 11% on total energy costs) by air sealing their homes and adding proper insulation to attics, crawlspaces and basements. For residents who spend an average of $130 a month on their electric bill, that’s cost-cutting savings of up to $19.50 a month!

To learn more about ways you can save through air sealing your home, check out this article by Energy Star.

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So, is air sealing the attic worth it? Absolutely! Foster Insulation wants you to understand the importance of house sealing and having an airtight house. The benefits of combining attic sealing with an existing home insulation project are invaluable. Contact us today to speak with one of our air sealing and insulation experts about the right insulation and air sealing for your home. Learn more about Foster Insulation fiberglass insulation and spray foam insulation and schedule a free estimate and consultation to get you started toward a more energy efficient home. We look forward to talking with you.