Insulation Removal

Removal of Damaged Insulation

Insulation is a key part of any building, helping to lower energy bills and make the space comfortable. It’s possible for insulation to become damaged and need to be removed. If your insulation needs to be removed it’s important to hire a company with experience in removing attic insulation. If your insulation needs to be removed and replaced, Foster Insulation can help. Our team can answer questions about professional and reliable insulation removal services.

Causes of Damaged Insulation

Although attics are enclosed, insulation can become damaged if it is exposed to pests or elements. Pests cause the most serious damage and can enter attics through penetration points. They build nests in fiberglass insulation and simply prefer the controlled environment an attic provides. Pests leave waste which can cause disease or attract other pests.

If your insulation becomes wet, it is possible for it to dry without being removed. If it does not dry, wet insulation can lead to mold, mildew, or even rotting of your ceiling roof rafters. If your attic insulation has been damaged by pests or moisture, it is best to call Foster Insulation and discuss insulation removal. A member of our team can come to your property to do an inspection of your insulation and recommend a solution.

If your insulation needs to be removed, we can help. Our team uses equipment designed specifically to remove insulation, ensuring damaged insulation and anything in it remains contained and does not contaminate other occupied space. We take precaution to ensure the rest of your house or commercial property is unaffected by the insulation removal process. Have questions about insulation removal or ready to get started? Contact us today.