About Foster Insulation

Our History

Lee Foster’s career began in 1978 with a part-time high school job installing batt insulation for a small company in Bessemer, Alabama. After graduating college and exploring other trades, Lee returned to the insulation industry in 1985 and launched Foster Insulation in 2006. Despite the challenging economic conditions a few years later, Foster Insulation found great success.

Chad Luck partnered with Foster Insulation in 2013, bringing his years of industry experience to the Foster Team. In 2014, the Foster-Luck crew opened a second branch in the Chattanooga, Tennessee market, continuing the company’s growth. On the heels of this growth, Chad launched Luck Insulation in 2019, focusing services on homeowners. Together, Lee Foster and Chad Luck bring more than 65 years of experience in all aspects of building insulation.

Foster Insulation serves builders and commercial contractors. Today, we continue to grow throughout the Atlanta and Chattanooga markets.

Our Purpose

Foster Insulation is founded on this idea: do what you say you are going to do. We believe in doing the right thing for our customers and recommend the best insulation and energy solutions to fit every need. From our leaders to our installers, our goals are safety, quality, and efficiency.

Foster Insulation provides decades of experience and delivers exceptional service to builders throughout the area. Contact us today!

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