Radiant Barrier Insulation in Atlanta and Chattanooga

Radiant barrier insulation is designed to reflect radiant heat away from a building, preventing the building from absorbing thermal energy from the sun. In a climate like ours, radiant barrier is an important part of efficient building insulation. Radiant barrier is a cost effective option for thermal performance and works great in climates with high average annual temperatures.

Radiant barrier is designed to reduce radiant heat transfer. During hot weather, radiant barrier prevents heat transfer through the roof and into an open attic space. Radiant barrier can be used in many areas including roofs, gables and knee walls.

Radiant barrier can significantly reduce heat rise and attic temperatures, increasing the effectiveness of traditional insulation materials such as fiberglass, cellulose and foam. During hot summer weather, radiant barrier is four times more effective in reducing solar heat gain than traditional insulation materials.

Our team can recommend the proper radiant barrier application for your residential or commercial project to keep residential, multifamily, commercial, and government buildings comfortable and energy efficient. Contact Foster Insulation to discuss your upcoming insulation project.