Insulation for Sound Control in Atlanta and Chattanooga

Insulation’s primary job is to keep homes and businesses energy efficient and comfortable throughout the year. Sound control insulation has an added benefit of reducing sound transfer.

Sound bleed can be disruptive. Whether it is outside noise from trucks, pets, or businesses or inside sound transfer from a home theater room, music room, kids’ rooms, conference room or more, minimizing sound transfer can be a huge benefit. Adding sound control to a residential or commercial project can greatly improve quality of life. Learn more about best insulation materials for sound control.

Noise Reduction Insulation

Insulation is added between noisy spaces and adjacent areas to stop sound from traveling from one area to another. These insulation materials absorb noise, preventing it from intruding on living or working space. Whether it is soundwaves that travel through the air or sound that comes from direct impact (e.g., footsteps) sound control insulation reduces both.

The Best Insulation for Sound Control

Fiberglass insulation is one of the best options for sound control. Loose fiberglass insulation can be dense packed into open cavities to create a complete blanket. This application removes air gaps to better control sound transfer. This application can be performed on interior or exterior walls.

The best time to add sound control insulation is during the construction process. We are happy to discuss sound control insulation options as part of your residential, multifamily, or commercial construction project. Contact our insulation team today.