What Is Can Foam Insulation?

can foam insulation Can foam insulation is a polyurethane foam insulation that provides quality air sealing. Dispensed from a can through a straw or a small dispensing gun, this method of application is ideal for air sealing your home and increasing its energy efficiency.

Can Foam Insulation in Georgia

Air sealing is a critical part of today’s building process. Sealing air leaks can dramatically decrease energy bills and increase indoor air quality. Although spray foam insulation can be used specifically for air sealing, there are many products to seal key penetration points.

For jobs where a full installation of spray foam insulation isn’t appropriate or requested, spray foam insulation cans are available for a more targeted approach to minimizing air leaks. Fire foam is also installed in key construction areas where fire resistance is necessary.

When to Use Can Foam Insulation

A spray foam can insulation is ideal for smaller projects that involve sealing air leaks, gaps, or holes around a home or business. Key penetration points include spaces around recessed (can) lights, plumbing stacks, electrical wires, electrical outlets, attic hatches or doors, around chimneys or flues, and around duct chases. These small air leaks can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency, leaking heated or cooled air out and letting unconditioned air flow into conditioned space.

Certain types of foam can insulation may also be used in some exterior applications such as filling gaps around gas and electrical penetrations and bordering exterior vents—as well as the spaces where siding meets the foundation and other applications.

Can Foam Insulation Benefits

A spray foam can insulation has all the insulating properties and air sealing benefits of traditional spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is great for larger projects as in whole home/building insulation; can foam insulation is preferred for small penetrations and air leaks.

Foam can insulation easily gets to small spaces such as those typically found around windows and doors, along baseboards, and around pipe and duct penetrations. This precise air sealing method improves overall energy efficiency and cuts down on utility bills by reducing air loss through these gaps. As a bonus, your home or business will regulate its interior temperature more effectively, and you will reap the rewards of a more comfortable living environment.

Kennesaw and Ft. Oglethorpe’s Expert Can Foam Insulation Installers

At Foster Insulation in Kennesaw, GA and Ft. Oglethorpe, GA, we have been serving the Atlanta and Chattanooga area’s insulation needs for decades. Our technicians and insulation installers have the experience necessary to complete every job effectively and efficiently. We will work with you through every step of the process to perform expert installation in your home or business, on time and on budget. We are ready to install can foam insulation—or any other type of insulation—in your next project. Contact us today to secure your project bid.